Amir Latif, a passionate real estate broker

With more than five years of experience, and considered to be both a residential real estate broker and a businessman, Amir Latif is renowned for his mastering of the whole real estate market. For him, residential real estate is way more than a career, it’s a lifestyle within which he’s been more than successful, thanks to his unique listening skills, his availability to all his clients, and is irreproachable honesty.

When you choose to work with Amir Latif, you make a choice for yourself and your family by choosing to hire a real expert that places your satisfaction at the heart of his priorities.

If you are a buyer

Are you currently considering taking the important step of buying a new home?Amir Latif‘s knowledge of the residential real estate market in both the Greater Montreal area and the province of Quebec is making him a precious ally in the whole process of buying a new property. Both highly qualified and laid back, Amir will make sure the home you choose fits your needs and your budget, all of this free of charge.

If you are an owner planning on selling

Whether you are buying, selling or financing a propertyAmir Latif is a guide that masters real estate transactions while respecting your rhythm and requirements. Plus, Amir is a member of the BLVD real estate agency, a position that gives him all the resources to put your property on the market while targeting only appropriate potential buyers. Amir Latif’s services will filter these potential buyers to make sure they have the taste and budget corresponding to your residential property for sale. This step will save you both time and money!

A residential real estate broker that knows how to use new technologies

As if all the previous perks weren’t enough, Amir Latif is a residential real estate broker of his time. Not only does he have an important PR network, he also makes sure to explore and master social media and new communication technologies, a plus that makes all the difference on the current real estate market.  Active on all the main social networks, whether it is with entertaining and useful videos on Facebook, or with various Instagram photos, you only need one glance to understand how Amir is a unique residential real estate broker.

Whether you are looking for a new real estate property or serious home buyers, you are now on the verge of the starting the next chapter of your life. Amir Latif is the residential real estate broker you need to make sure said chapters starts off on the right foot. Don’t wait any longer: contact Amir Latif right now!